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Hello, I'm Ashley

I am passionate about supporting you to find your beauty within, by fostering transition and healing

I am an Accredited Social Worker and Counsellor, as well as a certified Motherhood Studies Practitioner, specialising in trauma counselling and maternal wellbeing. 


I am passionate about creating space and opportunities for people, especially mamas and mamas-to-be, to reclaim and create a life that brings them joy and satisfaction, on their terms. 


I am a strong believer in living by your values, prioritising and valuing self-care, and nourishing the relationships with those closest and dearest to you.


I believe that everyone experiences challenges that impact on our ability to live life to the fullest. These challenges can be overcome, and there is strength and courage to be gained in the process. 

I can support you to overcome obstacles and achieve the life you want and deserve. 

I work with adults* who are overcoming complex trauma (including sexual assault, domestic violence and childhood abuse and neglect), and women on their journey into, and through, motherhood  Read More


* Please note that whilst I have previously worked with children and young people, I am not currently taking new referrals for people under 18 years.


Contact Me

If you have any questions about Kintsugi Counselling, or would like to enquire about working together, I would love to hear from you.




82 Bridge Road, Nowra


PO Box 1238, Nowra NSW 2541

Visits by appointment only


Appointments available in-person and online (Zoom)

Thank you for your message.


My office hours fit into a balance of working with clients, playing with

my kids, going on adventures, and tending to necessities and chores.


That's just how I like it!


As such, it may take a few business days for me to get back to you. In the

meantime, I hope you can find time for something that brings you joy.


I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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